2013 Cook's Flat Reserve


?2013 Cook’s Flat Reserve:  This is a limited production of wine of 194 cases created by the careful selection and blending of a small group of the best barrels the vintage had to offer.  The wine is 46% Cabernet Franc, 33% Cabernet Sauvignon and 21% Merlot, aged for 19 months in 100% new French oak from the forests of Tronçais, Nevers and Allier. Take note of our unusual packaging, with each bottle’s distinct numbering and the proprietary tissue which reproduces the land grant for the estate. 

This wine is a textbook example of the wonderful complexities available in wines of greatness.  Aromatically fascinating, it is a nearly inexhaustible cornucopia of alluring fragrances.  It leads with a deep black/red core of fruit surrounded by grace notes of leather, tobacco, nutmeg, violets and cedar.  An aroma of this complexity is so haunting as to be an end in itself.

The wine has terrific follow-through on the palate.  The black/red fruit that forms the core of the aroma repeats itself on the mid-palate with sumptuous portions of black currants and blackberries.  A sleek and creamy texture overlays an under-current of light acidity and graceful tannins. This wine promises a long and happy life for those inclined to wait.  All in all, the wine is generous without being over-the-top, beautifully composed, harmonious, complete and lingering.

$450.00 /1.5L

$225.00 /750ml