2015 Smith-Madrone Estate Cabernet Sauvignon


?2015 Spring Mountain District Cabernet Sauvignon:  The crop is 2015 was unusually small and the growing conditions produced a medium weight wine of great style and wonderful drinkability. 

Aromatically the wine is thrilling in its laser-like focus and intensity of fragrance.  It delivers remarkable complexity; every inhalation reveals a new and surprising element.  Bright fruit, dark fruit, black currants, red plums, lavender, spices, violets, green olives, all are present and more. 

The palate confirms rich flavors of vibrant blue-black fruit, surrounded by a silky texture that leads to a bright and beguiling finish.  Overall, the impression is one of effortless elegance, sleek and svelte. 

$52.00 /750ml

$125.00 /1.5L