2016 Smith-Madrone Estate Cabernet Sauvignon


Aromatically, the 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon demonstrates a heady, complex mix of black and red fruit with clear suggestions of leather, tobacco and cigar box.  On balance, the aroma tips over slightly in favor of the dark fruit with the red providing an essential central component.  The aroma is so tntriguing it's hard to move on. 

But when you do, you discover exacly what you expected even if you did quite know you expected it.  The taste mirrors the aroma exactly.  Red and black cassis fruit encased in a restrained pillow of creaminess on the mid-palate is once again in favor of the dark fruit.  At the finish the tannin and acid are restrained, but seem exactly on point.  The defining characteristic of this wine is its lovely balance and harmonious construction.  Not too soft, not too firm, just right.  Full of flavor, the wine is generous, warm and approachable.  And hugely enjoyable.

$60.00 /750ml